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T.F. - Vallejo, CA

Finding the right attorney is hard: you may need to decide quickly, not really know how they will defend your case, or work with you and your family. In my case, I had all three circumstances. From the beginning I was glad to find an attorney who is knowledgeable, truly empathetic to my situation, and willing to listen. My case took a long time to resolve due to its nature. I was supported by thoughtful defense, good communication, and consistent consideration for what I and my family was experiencing throughout the process. I highly recommend working with Ms. Long and her firm. There are no regrets when you have someone on your side that not only cares but is effective in working for you.


Anonymous - Hawaii

From the very beginning you were empathetic and cared about the outcome of my case. You were patient and listened attentively. You took time to help me and my wife understand what was happening, what to expect, and what outcomes each decision might have. You were diligent throughout a long process and kept me well informed along the way. Not only have I been impressed with your concern for my case, but I felt comfortable throughout that you had the right knowledge, experience, and skills to create a better result. I’m so glad we chose to work with you, and you were able to take our case. While I hope I never go through anything like it again, I can’t imagine working with anyone else and being as satisfied. Thank you for supporting me during such a difficult time. 

                                                                                            Review: Hawaii resident

Success Stories


Case dismissed before trial for a client facing 17 + years for accusations of committing a gang related crime. Ms. Long was able to disprove every claim made by police, causing the DA to dismiss the case.